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Our Patented design installs in less than 5 minutes.

Q: Will the system reduce the flow of storm water?
A: NO, the SORBANT system does not impede the design flow at all. Even in flood conditions, the three tier design allows water to cascade around the filters at extremely high flow rates

Q: How much oil will the system remove?
A: Independent lab tests show a removal rate of more than 90% of total petroleum hydrocarbons, and that the SORBANT material will adsorb up to 22 times it's weight in contaminants.

Q: Who is currently using the SORBANT system?
A: SORBANT was developed in South Florida, where rainfalls are extreme, and storm water runoff regulations are most severe. The SORBANT system is currently installed at the Miami International Airport, the Miami Seaport, the Miami Water and Sewer Authority, the Metro Dade Transit Authority, and at other GSA maintenance facilities, municipal bus yards and fleet service facilities throughout the state of Florida. It is also installed in auto dealerships, boatyards, shopping centers, and other various businesses.

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