"Filtration Technologies for a Cleaner Tomorrow"

Federal EPA Clean Water Act Regulations state that property owners are responsible and liable for storm water runoffs.

If you own, operate, maintain or have parking facilities for automobile dealerships, fleet vehicles, trucks, or buses, chances are you could be fined as a point-source polluter from your storm water runoff alone.

If you are currently polluting, and you fail a D.E.P. inspection; You can be fined more than $5,000 a day without any type of warning.

Our Sorbant staff has spent countless hours developing an effective, and state-of-the-art way of filtering out more than 90% of the Hydrocarbons in storm water runoff. Our "Sorbant Drainage Systems" can fit into any storm drain, making us the not only the easiest, but also the most cost-effective option on the market.

SORBANT has the unique ability to ADSORB up to 22 times its weight in grease, oil, fuels and hydrocarbons.
Adsorption prevents contaminants from leaching back Into the water supply

Although tests have shown that SORBANT can remove other contaminants from wastewater, we have chosen not to make any further claims beyond removal of petroleum based hydrocarbons.


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